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......@@ -9,49 +9,17 @@ program and the open source Python library “oemof”, assembled to an energy s
and optimized with the open source solver “cbc”. The modeling results can be
viewed and analyzed using a browser-based results output.
`Documentation of the Spreadsheet Energy System Model Generator <>`_:
**Warning! The installation has only been tested under Windows, using Python
3.7.6 (64 bit)! Python 3.8 is currently not supported.**
The Spreadsheet Energy System Model Generator was varried out within the
research project `R2Q "Resource Planing for Urban Districts" <>`_.
The project was funded by the BMBF within the framework of the Federal Ministry
of Education and Research's `RES:Z "Resource-Efficient Urban Districts" <>`_ funding
programme. The funding measure is part of the flagship initiative "City of the Future" within the BMBF's framework programme "Research for Sustainable Development - FONA3".
1. Install Python (version 3.5 or higher)
- **note: Make sure to select "Add pyton to PATH" at the beginning of the Python installation.**
- go to the `Python download page <>`_
- chose a Python version (e.g., "Python 3.7.6") and click "download"
- download an installer (e.g., "Windows x86-64 executable installer")
- execute the installer on your computer
2. Download the Spreadsheet Energy System Model Generator from `GIT <>`_ as .zip folder.
3. Extract the .zip folder into any directory on the computer.
4. Download the CBC-solver from `here <>`_
5. Extract the CBC solver into the folder of the Spreadsheet Energy System Model Generator
6. Install "Graphviz"
- go to `Graphviz download page <>`_
- select and download the graphviz version for your device (e.g. `graphviz-2.38.msi for Windows <>`_)
- **note: Make sure to select the correct installation location for Graphviz!**
- Execute the installation manager you just downloaded. Choose the following directory for the installation: "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Graphviz2.38\\" (should be the default settings)
7. Execute the "installation.cmd" file.
- **note: If you receive a "Your computer has been protected by Windows" error message, click "More Information," and then "Run Anyway".**
8. The Spreadsheet Energy System Model Generator has been installed
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