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Spreadsheet Energy System Model Generator
The Spreadsheet Energy System Model Generator (SESMG) moved to GitHUB!
The Spreadsheet Energy System Model Generator allows the modeling and
optimization of energy systems without the need for programming skills.
The components defined in this spreadsheet are defined with the included Python
program and the open source Python library “oemof”, assembled to an energy system
and optimized with the open source solver “cbc”. The modeling results can be
viewed and analyzed using a browser-based results output.
The SESMG moved to GitHUB in August 2020. To take advantage of the latest features or to contribute to the development yourself, please follow this link:
The documentation is still available under the following link:
The `documentation <>`_,
which includes detailed instructions for installation and use, troubleshooting
and much more, can be accessed via the following link:
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