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Added error: "df = node_results['sequences'] KeyError: 'sequences'"

parent 7f1cfa74
......@@ -32,6 +32,18 @@ or
- **Possible Error Cause**: A system component was entered incorrectly in the input file.
- **Debugging**: For all components, make sure that 1) each column is filled correctly, and 2) the first component of a sheet is entered in the row directly below the header row, and that there are no blank rows between the individual components of a sheet
.. warning::
df = node_results['sequences']
KeyError: 'sequences'
- **Possible Error Cause**: The implemented model probably has an circuit. For example, the excess sink of a bus could achieve higher selling prices than buying from a shortage source. In theory, this could generate an infinitely large profit. Such a model cannot be solved.
- **Debugging**: Make sure, there are no circuits within the model.
.. warning::
Memory Error
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