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Fügen Sie zu tcp examples einen chargen-Server hinzu, der mehrere Clients bedienen kann. Das chargen-Protokoll ist in RFC 864 definiert. Benutzen Sie pro Client einen Thread.
This RFC specifies a standard for the ARPA Internet community. Hosts on
the ARPA Internet that choose to implement a Character Generator
Protocol are expected to adopt and implement this standard.
A useful debugging and measurement tool is a character generator
service. A character generator service simply sends data without regard
to the input.
TCP Based Character Generator Service
One character generator service is defined as a connection based
application on TCP. A server listens for TCP connections on TCP port
19. Once a connection is established a stream of data is sent out
the connection (and any data received is thrown away). This
continues until the calling user terminates the connection.
It is fairly likely that users of this service will abruptly decide
that they have had enough and abort the TCP connection, instead of
carefully closing it. The service should be prepared for either the
carfull close or the rude abort.
The data flow over the connection is limited by the normal TCP flow
control mechanisms, so there is no concern about the service sending
data faster than the user can process it.
#include "Socket.h"
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