Commit 438de876 authored by Maia Jejelava's avatar Maia Jejelava
Browse files updated

parent c1e2aee1
......@@ -4,3 +4,7 @@ project(NP_Praktikum2 C)
add_executable(NP_Praktikum2 client.c)
bin_PROGRAMS = client chargen_server_TCP get_addresses echo_server_IPv6
bin_PROGRAMS = client client_old chargen_server_TCP get_addresses echo_server_IPv6
client_SOURCES = client.c Socket.c
client_old_SOURCES = client_old.c Socket.c
chargen_server_TCP_SOURCES = discard_server_TCP.c Socket.c
get_addresses_SOURCES = get_addresses.c Socket.c
echo_server_IPv6_SOURCES = echo_server_IPv6.c Socket.c
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