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      Use INTERFACE_LINK_OPTIONS in sdl2_vendor (#195) · b8d4c136
      Scott K Logan authored
      * Use INTERFACE_LINK_OPTIONS in sdl2_vendor
      The SDL2_LIBRARIES value populated by sdl2-config.cmake doesn't actually
      contain the path to the SDL2 library, but rather the linker options
      necessary to link against SDL2. On Ubuntu, this appears to be `-lSDL2`.
      On RHEL, this is `-L/usr/lib64 -lSDL2`.
      The OBJECT_LOCATION property creates a Makefile target that the imported
      library depends on. On Ubuntu, this utilizes a little-known feature of
      GNU make where a target that starts with `-l` triggers a search on the
      VPATH for a library to satisfy the target.
      There are two problems here:
      1. When SDL2_LIBRARIES contains more than just the `-lSDL2` linker
         option, the aforementioned VPATH search doesn't work correctly.
      2. The VPATH search may not be able to find if it isn't in a
         standard location, and the current approach doesn't make any effort
         to modify the VPATH in the presence of a `-L` option.
      I'm not sure if the `-l` behavior was known when this change was
      implemented, or if we just got lucky that this worked out on Ubuntu.
      In any case, switching to INTERFACE_LINK_OPTIONS is a more appropriate
      way to use the stuff in the SDL2_LIBRARIES value. Unfortunately, a
      SHARED target requires a backing object, so I had to switch it to an
      INTERFACE target to make this work. I'm not entirely sure what secondary
      effects that might have, but it appears to work in all cases that I
      Signed-off-by: default avatarScott K Logan <>
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