Commit 4bdac59b authored by Bruno Burke's avatar Bruno Burke 🍔

split init-exercises and init-question-types

parent ce3cee77
Pipeline #48575 passed with stages
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......@@ -36,6 +36,13 @@
(:renderer export)))
(add-question (:type export) export))
(defn init-question-types []
(register-question q-mc/export)
(register-question q-bc/export)
(register-question q-scaled/export)
(register-question q-ftext/export))
(defn init-exercise-types []
(register-exercise sc/export)
(register-exercise mc/export)
......@@ -47,12 +54,10 @@
(register-exercise multistep-calculation-exercise/export)
(register-exercise multi-exercise/export)
(register-exercise programming-exercise/export)
(register-question q-mc/export)
(register-question q-bc/export)
(register-question q-scaled/export)
(register-question q-ftext/export)
(register-exercise tc/export)
(register-exercise cloze/export))
(register-exercise cloze/export)
(defn ^:export main []
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