Commit 9baf29b3 authored by Joachim Schunk's avatar Joachim Schunk

adjust color of "step-add-tr"

parent 4a62f44a
......@@ -146,6 +146,11 @@
[ {:border-color color-green}]
[:.grey-border {:border-color color-grey}]
[:.grey-border-light {:border-color color-grey-light}]
[ {:border-color color-info}]
[:.separator {:width "100%"
:height "50%"
:border-bottom-style "solid"
:border-bottom-width "2px"}]
[:.pointer {:cursor "pointer"}]
[:div.disc-phys-val {:display "flex" :justify-content "center" :align-items "stretch"}
[:div {:display "flex" :align-items "center" :border-width "1px"}
......@@ -107,15 +107,14 @@
base-map (zipmap (range) params))))
(defn step-add-tr [{:keys [add-fn]}]
(let [blue-line (fn [] [ {:style {:width "100%" :height "50%" :border-bottom "2px solid blue"}}])]
(let [blue-line (fn [] [])]
[:tr.add-step-tr {:on-click add-fn :style {:cursor "pointer"}}
[:td {:style {:padding "0"} :col-span "100"}
;;[:div.valign-wrapper {:style {:width "100%" :justify-content "center"}}
[:td {:col-span "100"}
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