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With v0.0.4 comes the following new features. Changes in the operation of the program can be taken from the ReadTheDocs documentation. The new version of the Spreadsheet Energy System Model Generator is incompatible with older Spreadsheet versions.

Windpowerplants: On the base of the windpowerlib it is now possible to model wind energy plants

Storage Investments: In storage investments, the inflow and outflow rate is now increased linearly to the investment capacity

Graph of the energy system: Using the "Graphviz" library, a graph of the entered energy system is now automatically created and included to the output page.

Bug Fixes: A number of bug fixes have been incorporated

PEP 8-Conformity: Compliance with the pep8 programming standard has been increased

Documentation of the program code: The documentation of the program code was extended by a large number of comments.